Pissed-off of Hammersmith.

A week to leave you dizzy.

The government lost a vote in Parliament on their major Brexit legislation.

They didn’t just lose, they got hammered, it was aa major shellacking. Walloped. Creamed. No government has ever done worse on a major piece of legislation.

But when the smoke cleared nothing seems to have changed. No one has resigned. No one has changed their tune.

The fanatics, the Brexiters are still selling the same fantasies about leaving the EU and all the wonderful possibilities that will bring us. Out at any price.

They’re major liars of course, and like all major liars find it easy to lie to us as they’ve already lied to themselves.

Meanwhile the Labour Party rank and file seems to favour a second referendum but their leader, Corbin, sits in his shell and refuses come out for a “people’s” vote.

This comes under the tabloid promoted shibboleth that the “people” have spoken, expressed their will, given their “instructions” . The fact that the people were lied to and misled and misinformed by the still lying liars doesn’t seem to shift this phony reverence for democracy.

The referendum was bogus, that’s why a new one is legitimate. In a stunning development the people will now actually know what they’re voting for.

A classic exercise in value is promised. Do you want that shiny new thing? Yes? For ten dollars? Yes? $100 dollars? Yes?

How about $80 billion?

New vote, now. Get on with it.